Hi! I'm Becca.

I'm a writer, designer and lover of creatures and tiny things. I grew up in New England catching wood frogs and spotted salamanders and being taught about the ecology and natural history of the forests and bogs around me. After time in New York and Paris working for textile and jewelry designers, I moved to Charlottesville, Virginia in 2013 to pursue an MFA in Poetry at the University of Virginia and wrote many poems about plants.

Landscape, and my place within it, has been an integral part of my life and a large part of the way I understand the world around me. Thicket is meant for anyone who has ever loved a corner of landscape. 

Thicket begins with casting found and foraged botanical samples and other natural objects in sterling silver and 14k gold. The casting is currently done by an artisan casting house in New York's jewelry district that specializes in working with recycled metals. I do every other stage of production myself by hand in my sunny studio in North Adams, Massachusetts. You can find out more about the process in the video to the left!

Thicket jewelry is made almost entirely with reclaimed fine metals and I work constantly to move closer to using 100% recycled metals. I'm currently experimenting with a jewelry recycling program and I'd love if you took part! You can find out more about that here.


The amazing photography on my website is by Jess Park, Kristen Finn, Laura Dillon Rogers, Sera Petras and David Kessel (the less amazing photography is by me!). The video to the left was created by Christina Anton and Thinh Tu for the UVA iLab. Studio photos below by Sera Petras for Wine & Country Magazine.


My Studio