Sterling Silver Sycamore Pod


Sterling Silver Sycamore Pod

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DETAILS: Cast from a Sycamore seed pod. Recycled sterling silver. Choose from 18" or 24" cable chain - both with lobster clasp.

SUGGESTED RETAIL: 18" $148 / 24" $158


Platanus occidentalis

Cast from the seed pod of a sycamore tree after the pod has shed it's outer layer of fluff. A gorgeous, faceted silver drop with just the right amount of weight.

American Sycamore or Buttonwood trees are native to the Eastern United States from Maine as far west as Nebraska and Texas. 

The bark of all trees must stretch and split as the tree grows. Sycamores handle growth by shedding irregular swaths of bark, leaving behind a mottled map of previous changes.

Recycled sterling silver on your choice of an 18" or 24" chain.

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