Recycle your jewelry

Thicket strives to spread sustainability and simplicity in our approach to what we buy and wear.

Send your unwanted jewelry in to be recycled and/or repurposed and receive a coupon to purchase Thicket's ethically-made, minimal jewelry. Thicket is made with fine metals that stand the test of time and constant wear - solid sterling silver and 14k gold will not lose their finish and a polishing cloth will quickly restore them to their original luster. Thicket will repair and clean any Thicket jewelry.

Receive a coupon for 10% off for costume jewelry and 25% off for sterling silver or 14k gold jewelry.


How To Tell What Your Jewelry is Made Of

Fine jewelry is typically stamped with a quality mark. Look on the tag, on the clasp, or on the back to see if you can find a 925 or 10K / 14K / 18K stamp denoting the metal specifications

How it works

Put your jewelry in a clean zip lock bag, enclose your name and your email address and send it to:

Rebecca Perea-Kane / 2205 Jefferson Park Avenue / Charlottesville, VA 22903

Once your jewelry has been received and sorted for recycling you will be emailed a coupon code. You will receive one coupon code each time you send jewelry but you are welcome to recycle jewelry more than once. 

You can then use this code to order your new Thicket jewelry online.