About Thicket

Thicket is meant for anyone who has ever loved a small corner of landscape. It’s a collection that contains the botany of forests and fields and yet also the botany of our daily lives: those tiny wildernesses.

Thicket is the jewelry line of writer and designer Rebecca Perea-Kane. I grew up in New Hampshire where my time was spent traipsing through the woods, catching wood frogs and spotted salamanders, working on farms, caring for animals. In college I worked as a caretaker in Hopkins Memorial Forest where I did trail work, tapped sugar maples, and assisted in an amphibian migration study. 

Landscape, and my place within it, has been an integral part of my life. My love of the tactile, of working with my hands, and of what is functional, has led me to a life in design. Thicket is my interweaving of landscape and design.

The jewelry begins with casting found and foraged botanical samples in sterling silver and 14k gold. Each piece is handmade using traditional metalsmithing techniques in my Charlottesville, Virginia studio. 

Thicket is made almost entirely from sustainable, recycled metals and I work constantly to move closer to using exclusively recycled metals. Thicket is currently experimenting with a jewelry recycling program - you can find out more here.


Website photography by Jess Park, Kristen Finn, and David Kessel.